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Surgical Headlights

Xenosys L2S Surgical Headlight

A L2S Xenosys Lightwieght Surgical Headpiece with high density lense and bright lights are essential for the daily procedures in the surgery environment of today. At Surgical-Headlights.com you will find comfortable quality LED and Halogen high tech surgical headlights that are suitable for your practice in the operating room.

What is the difference between a Halogen and the LED Light?

Light-Tech 560 Series Surgical Headlight

LED Headlights are rapidly becoming the valued light source of today. For various reasons people choose LED Headlights for the long life, energy efficiency, ruggedness and all the low maintenencerequired for them to operate. The new innovative LED Technology has opened many new pathways with its dynamic colormixing and color sequence capabilities. Compared to the 10-Watt Light Tech Surgical Headlight is slightly brighter than the 1-Watt LED 500 SS Series at it can focus into a smaller intense spot. In retrospect the 1-Watt LED Headlight puts off a homogenous beam of pure white light while being completely portable so there is a trade off. In general the 1-Watt LED Surgical Headlight should offer a sufficient light in a situations where it is not competing with a bright tightly focused overhead light as you would find in an every day operating room. The 3-Watt LED 700 Series are the brightest light manufactured by Light Tech. When you order these lights you get the potability and beam quality benfits of LED's and a brighter beam than a 10-Watt Halogen Light.

Invention Of The Light Bulb

Light-Tech 780 Series Magnifying Surgical Headlight

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