Xenon Light Source

Discover the SATURN 3001XLT 300W Xenon Illuminator

The 3001XLT is a superior quality Xenon Illuminator Light Source for Professional Medical Applications. It has a low profile & is non-conductive. The Indexing Rotary Turret design accepts all common fibre-optic Cables.

SATURN 3001XLT 300W Xenon Illuminator close up product image

Optional Beam SplitterConverts your illuminator into a dual light source whereby each instrument receives half the optical power.

4 Port Turret accepts

  • ACMI / Circon
  • Olympus,
  • Stortz
  • Wolf
4 port turret xenon light source image
Available with mobile floor stand with dual hangers for cables and head lights.


Superior Headlight with 10mm – 100mm Variable Spot for Precise Illumination, complete with 8.5m long 3.8mm diameter Fibre Cables bringing superior light output.


  • Recessed lens to prevent scratching and contamination
  • Bi-furcated fibre cables for even weight distribution and reduced fatigue
  • Gown clips permanently mounted to secure cable during use
  • Provided with its own duffle bag for personal storage


Saturn Fibre-optic headlight & cable with dual Ratchet Head band

04-090SWR 90, variable spot, Wolf connector
04-105SWR 105, variable spot, Wolf connector
04-090SUR 90, variable spot, Universal connector
04-105SUR 105, variable spot, Universal connector

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